What a surprise and how sad that Heaven was hit again!It seems to me that everything is possible, when men set their hearts on something. Be aware!

There have been countless protests and demonstrations at the Gate of Heavenly Peace Square (Tiananmen) in Beijing, but it seems to me that the heavenly beings did not sense at all what has happened around the square. But when Twin Towers in New York were hit it was the biggest and the loudest news of all in this century. I just wonder what is really happening in today´s world?! What are the differences between the China and the United State of America and their respective citizens?

It was 4 June 1988 when a far-reaching student demonstration was organized at the Tiananmen Square, but it did not give maximum result. Instead, so many innocent young men and women lost their lives. Now again 25 years later, on 28 October 2013, Beijing was hit by a huge fire and so many innocent human beings again were killed, even the great Mao Zedong’s picture almost gone with the flames. How can we recognize the Heavenly Peaceful Square as such, when so many wonderful young people were killed and died there? How can ordinary Chinese tolerate this kind of act? Unfortunately, before this recent incident at the Tiananmen so many young Tibetans self-immolated for the sake of their rights, but nothing has happened to solve their problems and struggles. What is really happening in China?

We the free citizens of the world, must we not request to the leaders of People’s Republic of China and their citizens to bring a harmonious and permanent solution for their citizens, so that the great name given to square can again be restored to the Gate of Heavenly Peace Square (Tiananmen Square). I hope there will be peace and harmony in China, so that all the Chinese can enjoy this short live fully, and so that we can too, since we all are connected. We must learn to look at the bigger picture and focus on the next generations.

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